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Looking your best on your big day is much easier if you’ve done a bit of prep beforehand. Take care of your skin and hair in advance of the ceremony, and your wedding makeup and ‘do will look all the better for it.

From researching bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles to getting your teeth gleaming, I’ve got a few beauty tips for brides to help you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day.

Skin: Prepping the skin is one of the most important things a bride can do in the lead up to her wedding. Use a face mask for deep hydration and a serum to target important areas like the eyes. Get rid of dry skin cells by exfoliating, and use a quality moisturiser for a smooth complexion.

Lips: You’ll want to look after those lips to get them ready for that all-important first kiss moment at the ceremony. Gently buff chapped lips with specialist products. Apply moisturising treatments overnight and during the day to keep them as soft as possible. Try not to lick your lips too much, as this dries them out.

Hair removal: Get rid of unwanted face hair well ahead of the ceremony – you don’t want to have to use loads of concealer to cover up fresh red patches! Take some time to choose your preferred method of hair removal for your eyebrows and upper lip, whether that’s plucking, threading or waxing. And if face hair is a pet peeve of yours, maybe invest in laser hair removal in advance, so your face is all smooth and ready when the big day comes.

Lashes and brows: Everything needs to be that bit bolder to really stand out in your wedding photos, and the eyes in particular really benefit from a dramatic look. Eyelash extensions and tinted eyebrows / lashes will add instant impact! If it’s your first time, you’ll need to do a patch test 24 hours before application to check for adverse reactions, so plan this well ahead of your wedding.

Hair: Use deep conditioning treatments in the lead up to the ceremony, to improve the look and feel of your hair. Make an appointment with your hairdresser to get rid of split ends and get your roots touched up if needed. Flick through magazines to get inspiration from bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles, and have a rehearsal with your professional hairstylist and makeup artist to ensure you get the perfect look!

Teeth: You’ll be smiling wide on your special day, so make sure your teeth are looking their best. There are quick whitening strips and LED kits you can try at home, or make an appointment with your dentist to get it done professionally.

Nails: All eyes will be on your hands when the ring goes on, so you’ll want to have had a manicure beforehand. When it comes to polish, choose a shade that complements your bouquet and overall colour scheme. Try out different hues to check if they look good on you. And if you can’t stop biting your nails, look into getting false ones.

Like with so many beauty-related things, bridal beauty is all about being prepared. Put your beauty prep into your wedding planner, and all that attention to your skin, hair and nails in the lead up to the ceremony will pay off beautifully on your big day!